C&F Magento Plugin

Need a Magento Plugin to automate your shipments? Then the C&F Magento Plugin is just what you are looking for.

This plugin can help retailers, wholesalers & eBay traders with their shipping requirements. Thousands of business worldwide use Magento for their e-commerce solutions; with our plugin you can integrate the top shipping carries in one system with easy access.

You can automate areas of your business such as Orders, Shipments, Sales, Accounts and Marketing. Our high-tech shipping plugin will assist you to computerize your shipping services and you will never need to use 3rd party freight software. This plugin will let you own a paperless order picking and packing system.

Why Our Plugin
Our shipping extension helps both customer and site owners alike automate their shipments.


Site Owners

Get instant quotes

No need to worry about shipping

Choose the cheapest carrier

Process order with a few clicks

Make online bookings

Work on increasing profits

Make payment via secure payment gate way

Focus on your main business

Track a parcels online

Save time

Access to the leading carriers in Australia and internationally in one system

Leading couriers in Australia and overseas in one system


Your e-commerce site is the face your business and we are dedicated to giving you a proficient e-commerce solution for your shipping services. If you are interested in knowing more about our C&F Magento Plugin get in touch with Couriers and Freight now.