About Us

A little about us

The one company that manages all your freight transport, logistics and insurance on one site

Unlike ordinary freight sites, Couriers and Freight actively manages your transport needs to help you get the best, most cost effective solution to your needs. 

We are neither a bidding site or a broking company that only has limited access to suppliers they want you to use. Instead Couriers and Freight is much more. 

We are the world’s first, most comprehensive freight system and the one company that manages all your transport, logistics, sea freight, and marine cargo insurance. To make life easier for you we take care of everything – whether you’re a one-off shipper or a company that employs lots of carriers for all sorts of services.

And with Couriers and Freight you can use all your favourite companies at discounted rates. It means you save time, stress, hassles, and most importantly money.

We also give you the flexibility to switch from carrier to carrier with the click of a mouse. We integrate both B2C and B2B, and we give you the convenience of booking, tracking and tracing all your shipments on the one site.

Our system integrates to thousands of carriers around the world and is in constant communication with every one, to deliver you seamless, stress-free solutions.

So whether you ship once in a blue moon or thousands of times a day, Couriers and Freight is the one destination for all your shipping needs.

About Service Guarantee

To our knowledge, we are the only carrier/freight company in the world that gives you a guaranteed customer service response.