Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by many uses of this site, do’s and don’ts regarding couriering a package. Listed below are a few things you need to know to make certain your parcel reaches its destination safely and on time.

The Frequently asked questions are in five categories

Collection and Delivery
Customs Information
Damaged Goods
Making Online Bookings
Packaging Goods

Collection and Delivery

Q. Can I have collections in the morning?

A. It depends on your location, you can give a time your package is ready for pick up. Your package will be collected between the time you specified and 5.30pm. You should give 2 hour window between the ready time and 5:30pm.

Q. Can you deliver items to Australia from Overseas?

A. Yes. We can put together great import rates. Visit Couriers and Freight site and get a quote on how much it will cost.

Q. Do you only collect boxes?

A. No. We can collect boxes, letters and Satchel bags. All items need to be packed in the above mentioned packaging.

Q. It's 4.30pm and my package has not been collected

A. Collections are up until 5.30pm. Please feel free to get in touch with us after 4.30pm if you worry about your collection not being picked up, we can verify with the nominated carrier and update you.

Q. What compensation do I get if my package is not collected on the specified time?

A. The carriers currently do not have a Guarantee service offering for collections nevertheless should they apply any service guarantee's in the future we will no doubt pass these on to the couriers. Carriers used by Couriers and Freight do pickups on agreed times unless an unavoidable circumstance. 

Q. Will Couriers and Freight contact me if my collection fails?

A. Couriers and Freight are a courier broker and as a result not the collecting agent. We have hardly any collection problems, but in case a collection does not happen please get in touch with us so that we are aware and can reorganize your collection with the carrier.

Q. What compensation do I get if my package is not delivered on time?

A. If your consignment was sent on a guaranteed service overseas then you will receive a refund should the delivery go beyond the guaranteed time. Please note that customs and clearance delays are not incorporated in the guarantee as these are usually outside the carrier’s control.

Q. What is classed as Furniture?

A. Furniture is classified as objects that can be moved which could support the human body (seating furniture and beds), provide storage, or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground.

Q. What appliances are classified as White Goods?

A. Dishwasher, clothes dryer, freezer, water heater, washing machine, trash compactor, microwave refrigerator, cooker, stove, oven, cooking plate, or cook top, Air Conditioner.

Q. Is a guaranteed service guaranteed to all locations?

A. International guaranteed services are covered to most important business locations. For detailed information on service we are offering please contact our customer support service representatives.

Q. Can I use your services if I am the receiver of freight?

A. Couriers and Freight have a preference for senders to make bookings for a efficient bookings procedure. If you are the receiver, you can still make the booking but it is your duty to make sure the following:
* You must forward the Shipping-label (This will be emailed shortly after booking) to the sender of the cargo so they can print the label and attach it to the parcel ready for pickup. Note: The driver will decline to pick up the cargo otherwise.
* You must notify the sender of the pickup date and time chosen by you when you made the booking. If another carrier attempts pickup from the sender and our carrier cannot collect the goods, you will have to pay an extra payment to Couriers and Freight for re booking.

Customs Information

Q. Will I have to pay a customs charge when I send a package?

A. Yes, for international packages. Your package will be in another country and will be subject to local customs authority. Charges may come up depending on the product/worth and destination country. You may have charges like duty and tax all depending on the customs of that country. If any extra charges are pertinent these charges will need to be compensated by the receiver who will be contacted straight from the destination country. Couriers and Freight can’t offer any in depth information on customs queries for individual countries. For more information please visit the destination country customs or border security web pages or contact them for additional information.

Q. How must I describe the goods I’m sending?

A. The straight answer is to be as descriptive as possible, more information the better. Stay away from having words such as 'gift' or 'goods' as this will hold up the item in export control or destination customs whilst custom personnel categorize precisely what the item is. Also important is you must add every item separately and be as descriptive as you can be to avoid any delay.

Q. What value do I put on the goods?

A. The value you enter must be for the replacement value of the goods, consequently there should never be a necessitate to put a zero value. If an item is not expendable then it should not be sent. Note: You cannot send personnel possessions. For export packages a true value of the good is requirement so that calculation of duties and taxes against the commodity can be assessed.

Damaged Goods

Q. Do I sign for my goods if they are damaged?

A. If the goods are damaged, please sign to accept but make a note that the goods are damaged. When you sign for the goods do not select 'Good Condition' option, if you do so you will not be able to process a claim.

Q. Do I need to keep the packaging if the goods are damaged?

A. If the goods are damaged, it is important that you keep the packaging in case the goods need to be inspected along with the packaging. If the packaging is not kept this could invalidate your claim.

Q. What are the things I need to start a claim

A. In order to process a claim you need the following listed below
*Picture of the item
* Picture and account of the packaging details
*Invoice that is showing the value of the consignment

Q. Who can initiate a claim for a damaged item?

A. The person that placed the order is the only person that has the right to start a claim and only the person who placed the order will be able to get paid if the claim is approved.

Q. How long can I take to submit a loss or damage claim?

A. All claims must be received inside 28 days of the date of booking the service. Couriers and Freight will not be able to process claims received after this date under no circumstance.

Q. How long will it take for my claim to be settled?

A. The industry standard to resolve a claim is usually between 8-12 weeks. Couriers and Freight plan to wrap up any claim received inside 28 working days.

Q. Are there any exclusions to the Transit Cover?

A. There are a few exclusions that stop you from making a claim. For example -If the item in question is on the Prohibited or restricted Items list, the item was not boxed or packed adequately. Contact our support center for more information.

Q. How will I get my item back once it taken for inspection?

A. The damaged item will not be moved until the claim is finished as this will nullify the claim. If the claim is paid out in full, the item will not be returned to the customer. If repair costs are paid the item will be delivered back to you.

Q. How do I start a claim?

A. Go to the insurance page and select Claim. Fill the form and the claim process will be kicked off.

Making Online Bookings

Q. I don't want to book online; can I ring it through to you?

A. Couriers and Freight runs an online freight system, and all rates shown on the side are rates that can be offered by Couriers and Freight. To keep our prices at minimum we have put time and effort in setting up a fast and simple booking method on our site. Regrettably we cannot accept bookings by phone, we urge you to ret our user-friendly online booking system.

Q. What are the Payment Methods on the site?

A. We currently accept the following payment methods:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal

Q. Do you offer credit accounts to users?

A. Not usually. If you are a limited business and send more than 50 packages a week, we might be able to offer you a credit account subject to discussion and approval. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Q. Why do I need a computer printer to use your services?

A. It’s because of the shipping labels. All of our services offered by Couriers and Freight require a Shipping Label to be attached to your packages. This label is available on the sight and you need a printer so you will need to be able to print this out along with customs documentation for export packages and other documents you need.

Q. Is there a Members Discount?

A. If you sign up to the site now you will be able to get a discount and save 10% on all your shipments. Additionally if you upgrade to pre-paid you will be able to get a further 5% off on the already discounted rates.

Q. I made a mistake in my booking online, how do i correct this?

A. Please contact Customer Service with the necessary changes and we will verify if we are able to adjust the booking or if you will need to re book.

Packaging Goods

Q. Does my package need to be boxed?

A. Couriers and Freight operates an online parcel delivery broker service. Every item has be boxed (Satchel bag / Envelope/Box) to travel by the selected carriers. If your item is not boxed it will not be picked up to be delivered.

Q. What address information do I need to write down on my package?

A. You have to securely attach the documentation that is available for you on our site that is downloaded and emailed to you after you have completed your booking transaction. Information that needs to be on the package are
Bar coded label on the package

Q. How must I package my item?

A. Couriers and Freight only accepts items that are competently packed and inside a box ready for the driver to pickup. Depending on the item, the item must be cushioned, protected with appropriate external wrapping and the corners need to be protected as well. If the item is not packaged in accordance to the packaging standards at Couriers and Freight the driver may decline to collect the package.Alos if the contents are not protected adequately any item damaged claim will be nullified if damage happens during transit.

Q. I do not know what the exact size or weight of my package is

A. This is very important; you need to know this information regarding the size and weight dimensions of the package to use our service. If these details are incorrect, you will lay yourself open to additional charges along with a service charge.

If you have anything you need to clarify please feel free to contact us