Australia Post Price Changes


On the 7th of October changes to consumer retail prices will come in to effect. These changes will be applied to Registered Post products for selected local (Australia) and international products and services in addition to selected to packaging products.

Note-But the basic postage rate will be 60 cents.

Australia Post understands that when prices are changed it affects customers so when the decision was made due consideration was given. Like many business operating in a demanding times with many increasing costs the above price increases was necessary. Areas such as transport, raw materials and energy incurred heavy costs. Besides operation costs to further increase the levels of service   changes needed to be made and these new improvements require a level of investment. Attention was focused on improving the self sustainability of the company while reducing operating costs, making better network resources and enhancing the existing products and services. 

Australia Post goal is to constantly improve providing the best possible service to our customers a cost effective rate. 

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