Transportation of Laptops and Mobile Phones Overseas


When sending objects that have lithium batteries, you will have to follow the instructions below when packing it

Take out the batteries from the phone or laptop if detachable.

Drape the batteries individually and put in the same parcel.

Wrap up each item carefully.

If probable use bubble wrap when wrapping

Place a note on the commercial invoice and packaging, that lithium batteries are present in the package.

There are a numerous other limitations to take in to account when sending a package with violate contents. To begin with not all nations permit electronics merchandise to be brought in to the country. If you want to deliver a laptop or a mobile phone please get in touch with and inquire if your package is acceptable to that specific location.  Finally you may not transport any electronic products that contain defective batteries.

If you are taking into consideration of sending a mobile phone or battery and are not convinced concerning the limitations get in touch with, we are forever happy to lend a hand to you.