Service Guarantee


When you raise an issue, it will be answered swiftly within an agreed time and you will get your response fast.

Sales: If you want our support team to contact you concerning registering you will be contacted inside 90 minutes of your issue being placed.

Track and Trace: If you’ve had words with the carrier but you never the less have an problem one of our support personnel will get in touch with the courier inside 45 minutes of your issue being placed.

Damaged Goods: If you have merchandise that has been scratched or misplaced we will contact you inside 4 hours. will speak to the carrier on your behalf for a credit and you can typically anticipate a result in around 24 hours.

Account issues: If you have any account problems we will get in touch with you inside 4 hours of your complaint being madeIssues with the system: If you need some private help outside of our live chat sessions.  All you got to do is contact us and inside 4 hours you will be contacted.

Other issues: Speed and competence is the key to Carriers and Freight. When you ask for Credit we endeavor to take action inside 4 hours. If you have an Insurance Claim concern we endeavor to answer within 4 hours. Got an account inquiry? We’ll get back to you in 10 minutes. Perhaps you want to ask for a Credit Note – we take care of that right away given that it is routinely sent to the carrier and removed from the invoice until it has been solved.

If you need a courier who will respond to you ASAP is the courier for you