Setting up accounts

To establish your own secure account with Couriers and Freight, please complete this simple registration form.

Your payment options

We have a number of payment options to make life easy for you.Including:Pay by either Cash or Credit Card. Pre Paid, Direct Debit, Pay by EFT, Credit Card or Cheque.

Your account options


This means cash that is collected at the pickup point for your shipment. (Only available in Sydney).

Credit cards

If you’re a one-off shipper you can use the online portal to book and pay for your shipment. You’ll need to ensure you enter all the correct details – incorrect details may incur extra charges.

These are pre pay accounts. Once the credit has been used you’ll need to top up the account. Of course, you’ll still receive weekly invoices and reports about your spending.

Account holders

Most account holders will be direct debit. 14 days after the invoice has been raised the amount will be direct debited from your account.Should you have a concern regarding the job the freight company will need to raise a credit note. This then removes the job from the direct debit process until the issue is resolved.

*Government and big organizations Accounts are sent on a weekly basis and are strictly seven day accounts.

Direct debit

This enables us to pay suppliers on time and speed up the collection process, which means we can further reduce your rates.


You can pay by direct debit, credit cards, EFT, (Paypal still to come).You should always quote your invoice number when making a payment by EFT.


No credit cards are stored on site and all account information is safely stored at Secure Pay. For details please visit

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