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How can Couriers and Freight  Help You and Your Business

Couriers and Freight makes sending cargo simpler, easier, faster and more cost effective.Unlike ordinary cargo sites, Couriers and Freight has the world’s first global consolidated billing system. We’re also the first company to give you the reassurance of a guaranteed customer service response system. What’s more, our site’s full integration into suppliers means you don’t waste valuable time venturing off the site. And our tailored integration solutions give you a free and seamless integration into the system. (Conditions may apply).

In brief, we give you the most comprehensive and most advanced system anywhere. You also have the flexibility to change carriers anytime, to anywhere, and get quotes to compare. Nothing could be easier or more efficient.

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Cut your freight bill in half

The process:

Step 1

Sign up

Sign up and get access to Australia’s leading carriers at discounted rates. Or keep your current carriers and get a better rate.

Step 2

Choose Carriers

Set up your preferred carriers or provide us with your trade data and we will set you up with your current carriers at discounted rates. Or a cheaper alternative which ever you prefer.

Step 3

Shipment Details

Entre shipment details or upload them directly.

Step 4

Book Your Job

Book through your preferred carrier or compare quotes from other carriers for the most competitive price.

Step 5

Track & Trace

Track & trace your shipments without leaving the site. Integrate Couriers and Freight with your software or ecommerce systems.

Step 6


One simple to use invoice with all your shipments.

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